Fremont National Forest Hikes

Location Map for Fremont National Forest Hikes
As one of Oregon’s least-visited national forests, the Fremont offers many opportunities for solitude and remote day hiking. But it has suffered three serious blows: 1) a devastating wildfire in 2002 that burned over 100 square miles, 2) a bark beetle infestation that has killed wide swaths of pine, and 3) clear cut logging on vast private inholdings. So hiking and recreation spots need to be carefully selected.

Lower Sycan River Hike, Fremont National Forest
The good news is the trails and campgrounds are still intact, as is the road network. These are being maintained, despite the larger problems facing this forest. For safety, many remote campgrounds have been cleared of their beetle-killed trees, but still have vault toilets and, in some cases, potable water. Gas, propane and groceries are available in the towns of Paisley and Bly.

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The Fremont is a generally dry forest dominated by ponderosa and lodgepole pine, intermixed with “rock prairies” of low sagebrush and juniper. Most attractive are the two Wild-and-Scenic river canyons, the Sycan River and the North Fork Sprague River. Though cows do graze these canyons, both are oases of flowing water, green grass and willow amid the surrounding forests. No official trails exist in these canyons, and knee-deep stream crossings are common, but they are definitely worth the extra effort to hike and explore.

  • Coleman Rim Hike
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In the south are mountains of uplifted basalt, tilted to the northeast, with scenic rock rims along their crests. A few rims are now covered with beetle-killed pines, but the Coleman Rim stands untouched in an area of old growth ponderosa and fir, with spectacular views. Also featured here are several hikes along remote stream canyons in other unspoiled sections of the Fremont Forest.

Lower Sycan River Hike
Upper Sycan River Hike
Hanan Trail - West End
North Fork Sprague River Hikes
Coleman Rim Hike
Cottonwood Creek Trail
Deep Creek Hike

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