Ochoco National Forest Hikes

Location Map for Ochoco National Forest Hikes
The Ochoco Mountain range is relatively small, only 60 miles long and 20 miles wide. However, it is quite user-friendly. With gentle, rolling terrain and a good road network, it receives a lot of recreational use from Bend, Redmond and Prineville. However, it is still one of the most attractive day hiking areas in Central Oregon.

View of eastern landscape, Ochoco National Forest
Ponderosa pines dominate the Ochoco Forest, but grass prairies are its most striking feature. These wet meadows are found throughout the forest, with profuse wildflowers in spring and herds of deer, elk and antelope (and cows) in summer and fall. Developed campgrounds are few and scattered, but dispersed camping sites are common. Sources of potable water are limited to the major campgrounds, so remote campers will need to plan carefully. Gas, propane and groceries are available in the towns of Paulina and Mitchell.

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The eastern half of the Ochoco Forest, where our three day hikes are located, receives less rain and the fewest visitors. It is a diverse landscape, with thick stands of fir and larch on the north-facing slopes, pine forests on the south slopes, and sagebrush flats on the driest uplands. Recreational use in this section is mostly by a few hikers and horseback riders in summer and numerous deer hunters in late fall.

  • N Fork Crooked River
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North Fork Crooked River, which drains south out of Big Summit Prairie, is the one Wild and Scenic river in the Ochoco Mountains. Though its inner canyon has spectacular scenery, with colorful rock cliffs and mature “yellow-belly” ponderosas, it is difficult to access, so is rarely visited. We feature here a cross-country hike down into this magical gorge, along with two other interesting rambles.

Rock Creek Trail
North Fork Crooked River Hike
Lookout Mountain Trail - South End

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